Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Chamber's response to COVID-19

The Chamber's response to COVID-19

The Chamber strives to bring you timely and vital information that will help the businesses and families of our community endure the COVID-19 crisis and thrive in the recovery that will follow. I am heartened by the generosity, positive attitudes, resourcefulness and creative solutions that we have seen in the local business community. This crisis may get us down in the short run, but when we get through this, our Town will rebound to levels we have not previously seen!

The Blowing Rock Chamber and TDA have been working hard together to compile a list of local restaurants with their new operating hours and take out options. We are updating this information daily as the rules of engagement change. You can find the information at:

Additionally, you will find a list of retailers and service businesses with current information on closure, hours, business modification or other details.

It's so important we support our neighborhood businesses during this critical time. If we expect to find these businesses still operating when this is over - we all need to do business with them. We all eat and most of us are already tired of cooking at home after just one week! Some retailers may not be open right now, however you can still support them by purchasing a gift card which will provide vital cash flow now with a deferred redemption when things get back to normal. For service businesses such as your hairdresser, you could pre-pay for appointments that you have later.

We know that Amazon is hiring 100,000 people so someone must be shopping somewhere! There has never been a better time to shop local.

Other items the Chamber is focused on include:

  1. Researching alternative business practices during COVID-19; tips and pointers
  2. Where business owners can go to access capital necessary to re-open their doors after the crisis
  3. Where employees (and employers) can get relief, when the small businesses can no longer afford to pay them
  4. Advocacy with local, state and federal governmental units to ensure fairness and reasonableness is applied to restrictions and regulations

These are only a few of the things the Chamber is doing on behalf of it's Members.Please visit our website for resources for businesses to survive this crisis. We remain committed to your success and are doing everything we can to promote your efforts.

Keep the faith and most of all, be well!

Charles Hardin
Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce

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