Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sunset Drive Update

Good afternoon Sunset Drive and Ransom Street Business Owners -    In hopes of continued transparency I would like to begin monthly or sooner updates with regards to the construction taking place.  In this email you will find work accomplished in the past 30 days along with a work plan for the next 30 days.  Also, so additional coordination items will be included. 

4th of July work schedule – Iron Mountain will work as normally scheduled Monday(1st) – Wednesday(3rd) of next week.  All work will stop for Thursday the 4th through Sunday the 7th of July.

-          An asphalt binder will be placed along the remaining gravel areas prior to Wednesday July 3rd

Here are the detailed minutes of the latest progress meeting:

Mr. Sam Icenhour (Iron Mountain) reviewed the previous work completed the last 30 days.
• Completed all the 12” & 8” sewer main on Sunset Drive.
• Installed 75% of all sewer service laterals.
• Installed concrete sidewalk and curb & gutter along the south side of Sunset Dr adjacent
to the First Baptist Church and up to Ransom Street.
• Placed temporary asphalt binder in trench in front of the Alpine Village to try and help
minimize dust.
• Installed 100 LF of 6” Water Main across the box culvert on the north side of Sunset Dr.
• Placed permanent asphalt binder between box culvert & Ransom Street.
• Installed the retaining wall on the south side of Sunset Dr.

Mr. Icenhour reviewed the work forthcoming the next 30 days.
• Install the proposed retaining wall on the north side of Sunset Dr.
• Continue & complete the sewer laterals.
• Continue with the 6” water main installation
Continue with the asphalt binder placement in the sewer line trench.
• Continue with the concrete sidewalk and curb & gutter placement.

Mr. Doug Chapman (McGill) requested that Iron Mountain be mindful of the NCDOT’s landscaping
activities taking place along Valley Blvd, and to coordinate with Mr. Johnathon Walker with
Piedmont Landscaping if needed regarding the proposed 6” water line tie in along Valley Blvd.
Discussions took place regarding the number of complaints the Town has received about dust.
Mr. Sam Icenhour stated that a water truck is being used to try a help minimize the dust issues.
Mr. Curtis Baker stated that the water truck shall run continuously throughout the day when there
is no rain scheduled. Mr. Sam Icenhour stated that traffic speeds seem to be a big part of the
dust issues, and it would help if the Town could have Sunset Drive policed throughout the day to
help minimize speeds. Mr. Shane Fox stated that the Town would start with placing a police car
onsite close by in an attempt to get the public to slow down. Mr. Icenhour also stated that asphalt
binder will continue to be placed so that the water truck can be minimized.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to better our town! 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or issues. 

Shane Fox
Town Manager
Town of Blowing Rock
1036 Main Street
PO Box 47
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
828-295-5200 (Office)
828-295-5202 (Fax)

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