Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Expert Tips: Small Tasks for Big Change!

Expert Advice to handle the holidays and thrive in the New Year
 from our friends Alanna and Catherine from the Extra Hands team!
With the New Year comes a promise of a new start, a clean house, a new diet… this can all be overwhelming. At Extra Hands we have learned the importance of taking on one small project in your home at a time to eliminate stress and ensure a wonderful outcome. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a full to-do list, focus on one area of your home at a time. 

 Tip 1: Consider a 12-month plan. This plan would allow you to commit each month to taking on a new project. For example, January would be the month to tackle that garage you haven’t had time to organize yet, and February would be the month to take on your attic and get all of your old memorabilia in order. Giving yourself a month per project will keep you motivated but also keep you from feeling as though you’ve taken on too much too quickly.

 Tip 2: As you begin your 12-month plan, focus on the perimeter before diving into the meat of it all. Start in the guest rooms before you begin in your own room. Your guests will be thankful to have an organized closet to place their things while they enjoy a relaxing stay in your home. Next, start on the junk drawers and kitchen panty. When your pantry has a place for everything, it makes preparing for guests and holidays even simpler!

 Tip 3: Speaking of guests, don’t let yourself procrastinate this holiday season. Make sure to create a preparation plan for cooking, decorating, cleaning, andhosting. First, begin by cleaning one room per day leading up to the holiday. This will ensure that the home is ready for guests but you will not have to devote a large amount of time to cleaning. Second, print out your recipes beforehand and make sure to store those specific ingredients together in the pantry. Having all of the ingredients together will make the process smooth and easy. Third, chop vegetables and other ingredients in advance. That way, ingredients are ready for blending, baking, and sautéing – all you have to do is combine the recipe!  

There are a lot of ways to prep for the holiday season and New Year that will eliminate tension and guarantee joy and relaxation. For more tips and even help with projects around your home, reach out to Extra Hands! It would be our pleasure to chop vegetables for your holiday meal, organize your master closet, or create a 12-month plan for you and your family.

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